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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New Look and New Blog Concept

I thought I would try a new text color and get a new look in my blog. I have started a second blog associated with the Live Earth concert and taking a look at Real Estate and home systems as a key avenue for many of us to start recycling. My family has always been great about newspaper and can recycling. My daughter won several awards from Park Village Elementary for recycling. San Diego has a curb side recycling trash system in place and we source separate as much as possible. My son has written papers on Global Warming.

But now we are pushing into some new areas: We are replacing our light bulbs with compact fluorescent, we are recycling good magazines to schools for reuse in the classroom, and we are trying to carpool more than before. How are we doing? It's a little struggle to change, but it gets better all the time. My wife is considering a Hybrid for her next car, but at the very least a very high mileage traditional car. I now BBQ with natural gas on the lowest setting, and almost never use charcoal. When I do use charcoal I light the coals with a Chimney Canister and not fluids. We keep the pesticides to a minimum and use only Round Up for weed control. But I do use a little too much water to keep the grass (small front yard and back yard) green. The rest of the planters are zero-scaped for the sun in San Diego.

Well, back to the new Blog. It is not quite ready for review, but will be soon. I will link this site to Enviro Blog, and visa-versa. And of course everything will be linked to Pink Flamingo Mortgage. More soon ....

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