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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Enjoying Summer & Your Home - Get Outside!

It’s summer and for a lot of us this means we’ll be spending a lot of time in our yards. Whether you’re hosting a backyard BBQ or spending an afternoon in the garden, here are some simple tips that you should keep in mind to help make this summer a fun and memorable one:

· Lawn Care: If you have neglected your lawn during the winter, set your mower a little lower than normal. This will help clear surface debris and prepare your lawn for maintenance. During the warmer summer months, let your lawn grow a little longer. This will help your lawn grow longer roots, meaning your lawn will use less water and survive the summer heat.

· Sun Protection: An afternoon spent in the backyard can be fun, but it can also lead to sunburn and high temperatures. You can easily add some shade to your yard by putting up some patio umbrellas, awnings, or planting shade trees. These will not only make it more comfortable outside, but they will shield your home from the hot afternoon sun if you position them correctly. If you are planning to spend the day outside, don’t forget to wear sunscreen and make sure that your pets have a cool place to relax as they are more vulnerable to the heat.

· Cooking Outdoors: Before firing up the grill, make sure you inspect it to make sure it is in good working order. If you have a gas grill, make sure that the propane tank is properly connected and that all the seals are in good shape. When cooking outdoors remember that you still need to handle your food properly. Make sure that you keep your food in the refrigerator while defrosting or marinating and be sure to cook all of your meats thoroughly before eating. An easy way to ensure that you cook your food thoroughly is to purchase a meat thermometer and check the internal temperature of your food before taking it off the grill.

Finances – Protecting Your Identity

The FTC warns that summer is peak season for identity theft. With so many people taking their summer vacations and traveling with their credit cards, identity thieves are flocking to tourist destinations. Having your credit card or other personal information land in the wrong hands can cost you thousands of dollars and ruin your credit rating. If you plan on traveling this summer, be smart by following these tips:

· Use travelers checks when possible

· Do not carry credit cards or other ID that you do not need while traveling

· Be careful when using ATMs. Many security experts recommend using indoor ATMs and

avoiding outdoor ones as they may be less safe

· Keep your receipts and make sure that you check your financial statements when you

return home

· Avoid using hotel and public internet connections to check your bank account online

If you ever lose a credit card or other information, contact your bank and credit card

companies immediately. If you do take a vacation this summer, please be sure to tell me

about it when you return.


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