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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Intoducing Pink Flamingo Real Estate!!!

Introducing Pink Flamingo Real Estate the new partner of Pink Flamingo Mortgage. Why two companies instead of just one? Well our Mortgage side will always focus on the financial details of the BEST mortgage for our client. It can be distracting trying to handle the Mortgage details and the Real Estate transaction.

Enter Pink Flamingo Real Estate. Our Real Estate office will specialize in the Real Estate transaction, buy or sell, and will work with the client from Internet Search (through to find a target property to Close of Escrow! The Realtors of Pink Flamingo Real Estate will NOT handle your mortgage, just your real estate transaction. The professionals of Pink Flamingo Mortgage WILL search out the BEST mortgage option to help close the deal and close the escrow.

While the two companies will share an office, they handle distinctly different customer needs. Those needs will be coordinated to a new standard in customer service. The synergy between the two entities will guarantee the best of both worlds working hand in glove.

Best of all, since the companies are related, we can reduce your overall cost of buying or selling any piece of real estate. One stop shopping, Team Service.


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