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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Tools You Can Use!!

Homefinders Club is the most useful tool a buyer can sign-up for in their quest to find a new home and obtain the lowest cost mortgage. And best of all ... it is ABSOLUTELY FREE!! Go to Pink Flamingo Mortgage and click on the Homefinders Club logo to sign up, or just click on this hot link: Homefinders Club Sign Up and you will land on the sign up page.
Why are these tools SO useful?? Well that's pretty simple: Homefinders Club will help you shop the San Diego MLS and find the home of your dreams. You shop when YOU want to, not when the agents call. You can enter and change the number of bedrooms, square feet, and other factors as often as you want. You can set your "favorites" so that they system will keep working for you AFTER you log off. When a new home posts, matching your criteria, Homefinders Club will email YOU! You will know before 90% of the agents in San Diego.
Then when you find that dream home, one click will put your agent to work negotiation the price and another click will put your mortgage broker to work pre-qualifying your loan for the exact house you want.
Shop at lunch at work; shop at night in your PJ's (or nothing at all!!); any time you want to look at Real Estate, or shop Mortgages for a Refinance, HFC is always there waiting for you!! And remember ... IT'S FREEEEE !!!
Tell your friends to sign up; tell your neighbors to sign up; tell all your relatives to sign up!!!

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