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Monday, October 22, 2007

If You Need to Evacuate ... What to Bring.

If you need to evacuate from a Fire Zone in San Diego County ... the following are the key items to pack and bring according to the Burn Institute. You can link to them using this link: Burn Institute

Here is the list:

Burn Institute News
October 22, 2007
Diane Sparacino858.541.2277


WHAT The San Diego County Fire Chiefs’ Association and the Burn Institute recommend the following Wildfire Evacuation Tips for residents of San Diego County:


(#1) MAKE A LIST OF IMPORTANT ITEMS Always keep sturdy boxes handy and make a list of important items you need to take with you during an evacuation:

• Prescriptions, medications

• Eyeglasses

• Important financial docs, tax records, photos, etc.

• Homeowner’s/Renter’s insurance policies

• Jewelry

• Pet, pet food, leash (and carrier, if possible)• Child’s favorite toy

(#2) PREPARE AN EMERGENCY SUPPLY KIT If you have time, assemble an Emergency Supply Kit that includes items you’ll need in the case of an evacuation:

• Three-day water supply (1-gallon per person per day)

• Three-day food supply

• Change of clothing and shoes

• Blanket and sleeping bag

• First aid kit

• Battery-powered flashlight, radio, batteries


• Close all windows and doors in the house.

• Leave exterior lights on to help firefighters find your house through the smoke.

• Do not leave garden sprinklers on – it wastes critical water pressure.

• Park your vehicle facing out so you have the best visibility when you have to leave and drive with your headlights on.

• Designate one emergency meeting place outside the home and one outside the neighborhood where family members can all meet.

• If fire overtakes you, you are much safer inside the car than out.

**The keys to surviving a Wildfire are:

Defensible Space, Defensible Homes and EvaCheck Spellingcuation Planning.

SPECIAL NOTE: James Floros, Burn Institute Executive Director is available for interviews to discuss wildfire evacuation protocol and related wildfire information. To schedule a phone or on-camera interview, contact Diane Sparacino at the number above.

© Burn Institute.

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