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Friday, June 8, 2007

LiveWell San Diego!

At the end of our business week, most of us look forward to quality time with our family and down time from our day to day work routine. So it was with maybe just a little less than 100% enthusiasm that I collected my mother (an active 75 year old) and devoted last Friday evening to supporting LiveWell San Diego, an Adult Resource Network (formerly the Clairemont Senior Center), with our attendance at their annual fundraising BBQ.

LiveWell San Diego is a not for profit organization primarily serving the nutritional needs of Senior Citizens throughout San Diego county, but also offering recreation activities, adult daycare and a place where caring staff are committed to empowering retirees, seniors, and caregivers to live life to its fullest by providing a one-stop-source for services to help them remain healthy, active, independent, and fulfilled.

My mom and I were greeted at the door by smiling volunteers who helped us with name tags and invited us to join the already large and enthusiastic crowd of party goers enjoying music from the 50s and 60s on CD, as well as a very talented woman singing and playing the guitar. Inside, we were met by my business partner at Pink Flamingo Mortgage, Terry McComas, who was attending with her older brother (a retiree, due to cancer and the loss of an eye). Terry ushered us to a table she had already filled with members of Bay Mesa Real Estate Association (one of the professional organizations we affiliate with), and Bill O’Donnell (retiree, professional bagpipe player and Assistant Manager of a local mobilhome park).

After exchanging greetings, we headed off for the serving bar where some of the best fried chicken I ever tasted was being offered – in addition to freshly tossed salad, perfectly cooked vegetables, sumptuous beans and fresh fruit. Warm cookies were delivered around the room in a basket, as we were finishing up our dinner plates.

But more than the food, I looked around the room and was struck by the others in attendance. Many, like me, had come from their work with senior parents or senior friends in tow. Most of the other attendees were seniors served by LiveWell San Diego, many of them up in years, but still out and about in their community and enjoying a good meal, good music and the companionship of others.

LiveWell San Diego relies heavily on the financial support of the community to provide nutritional and recreational programs for seniors. I was pleased to support the organization at the BBQ last Friday, and hope my friends, family and business associates reading this blog may choose to help, too. The Director, Cathy Hopper, can be reached at 858-483-5100. LiveWell San Diego is located at 4425 Bannock Avenue, San Diego, CA 92117. Your can check out their website at

Our loved ones may never need the senior nutritional programs, adult daycare or recreational activities provided by LiveWell San Diego, but – if we do – it’s people like you and me, people that support and contribute to LiveWell San Diego, that will ensure they have the funds to continue to serve our senior community.


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