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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bob Glaser Elected Chair of Bond Oversight Committee for San Diego Community College District


Who: Bob Glaser, Owner
What: Bob Glaser has been elected Chair of the San Diego Community College District Citizen’s Oversight Committee for Props S & N overseeing 1.55 Billion dollars in construction for the SDCCD Colleges.
When: First Meeting July 9, 2007
Why: Annual election of Oversight Chair for two year term

San Diego, CA. Bob Glaser, owner of Pink Flamingo Mortgage in San Diego, CA, was elected Chair of the San Diego Community College District (SDCCD) Citizen’s Oversight Committee (COC) for Props S & N; and will conduct his first meeting on July 9, 2007 at San Diego Mesa College. Mr. Glaser is an alumnus of San Diego Mesa College (as well as San Diego State University and California Western School of Law) and is excited to return to Mesa College for his first meeting as Chair of the COC.

Bob Glaser has had a long history with the SDCCD starting with his two terms as Student President at Mesa College. After graduation from Mesa, SDSU and California Western School of Law, Bob returned to Mesa College to serve on its Citizen’s Advisory Council. Mr. Glaser went on to serve on the Miramar Citizen’s Advisory Council as well as serve as a regular Member of the Prop S COC.

Bob Glaser was involved in the passage of both Proposition S and Proposition N which has a combined construction value of over $1.55 Billion, and will go far in the completion of Mesa College, City College, Miramar College and the Continuing Education satellite campuses. (Read more about Propositions S and N; and the projects they will build)

Mr. Glaser, who has a back ground as both an Attorney and as a Real Estate Broker, was proud to be elected by a unanimous vote of the Oversight Committee. Bob had served for several years on the Committee and brings a sense of history of the District as well as professional perspective about the development of each campus. His 30 plus year association with these campuses puts in context the current ranking of needs, and an understanding of how long the District has worked toward this goal of campus build out.

“The next two years will see aggressive progress toward completion of many dreams that have been nurtured for decades!” stated Bob. He continued, “Every campus has many critical projects they have been promoting for many, many years. Now, with Prop S and N financing in place, these critical projects can be built. This will mean a better education for the students, and an overall improved learning environment.”

“I am proud to have played a small role in the passage of these Bonds. The real credit goes to Board of Trustee and Chancellor Carroll, who stepped out and provided the leadership to place these bonds before the voters! Then they campaigned strenuously for their passage. Future students will never know the debt of thanks they owe these individuals, but their future is brighter because of the passage of Props S & N.” concluded Mr. Glaser

For further information please feel free to contact Bob at:

Bob Glaser 858-496-8899
8304 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.
Suite 213
San Diego, CA 92111-1315
Fax: 858-496-3980
Web Site:

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