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Thursday, May 31, 2007

How a Blue Moon can increase your Credit Score!

OK ... today is the day!! All those little items, or big items that you only get around to once in a "Blue Moon" ... Today IS the Blue Moon!!! What IS a Blue Moon? It's the second Full Moon in the same Month. In this case the second full moon in May. So let's get on it. It's time to clean the garage, or paint the patio furniture.

Or maybe it's time to Clean Up Your Credit Report, aka your FICO score. There are simple ways to start: First - Opt Out. What the heck do you mean "Opt Out?" Is that like "I quit?" No, not at all. You know all those unsolicited requests you get for credit cards, home loans, and other financial offers? Well they send those to you because they have checked your credit and you fit a certain profile they like.

While that is flattering in a way, all of these credit checks combined start to impact your credit score. Not as much a bank or credit union checking for a loan, but they add up. And YOU didn't even give them permission. What to do? Well there is a way to stop them. You simply "Opt Out"

This is the process of contacting the credit agencies and telling them that you do not want to receive any unsolicited mail and you do not want them to allow your credit to be accessed. It's easy to do. Call 1-888-5 OPT OUT and tell them you do not want anyone to access your credit without permission.

You can view our video at on the Pink Flamingo Video Tips; or the printed version in our Power Tools under Raising Your FICO Score.

So the Blue Moon is here, and with a 30 second phone call you can start raising your credit score. What could be easier? More tips on credit next week.


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